SAP Business One is an affordable and easy-to-implement solution designed from the ground up to address the specific needs of emerging and dynamically growing businesses. Providing robust and fully integrated financial and sales management capabilities, the solution gives managers on-demand access to critical real-time information. It’s the one solution designed for key decision makers that can help you do it all – make more profitable decisions, grow your business, and stay ahead of the competition.

SAP Business One provides robust and fully integrated financial and sales management capabilities, and it gives managers on demand access to critical, real-time information for better decision making. Whether you have 5 employees or 500, the solution helps emerging businesses streamline their operational and managerial processes. Using one complete source of customer data, companies can use management control tools to improve efficiency and gain visibility into the sales process. Moreover, these management controls – combined with the solution’s easy access to information – enable managers to retain profitable customers, identify new growth opportunities, and focus resources on the business’ most important issues. SAP Business One is easy to use for everyone in the organization from the CEO to junior-level employees. Innovative features and functions, such as the patented Drag&Relate™ feature for instant analysis and reporting, provide easy access to real-time business data. And that means proactive business management. One of the SAP solutions for small and midsize businesses, SAP Business One is a revolutionary software solution from the largest business software vendor in the world: SAP. It’s the one solution that can help you do it all – make more profitable decisions, grow your business, and stay ahead of the competition. With SAP Business One, your managers and employees have greater and more effective access to timely, reliable information so they can make smarter business decisions. Offering a wide range of features and functions, SAP Business One provides all the tools you need to run a thriving business, including the following.

Support for Growth

SAP Business One is the only solution that provides a customer relationship management system that includes pipeline tracking, opportunity management, support knowledge base, strategic selling, and contact and contract management. An integrated approach provides a 360-degree view of each customer, which enhances critical customer satisfaction levels and finds new sales opportunities. SAP Business One also supports Internet sales, enabling business partners to efficiently and accurately exchange information about products and prices. With companywide visibility into the sales process, businesses have a more accurate understanding of their customers, which leads to improved customer relationships. Combined with leading-edge administrative features, this visibility and understanding also allows companies to more effectively control and influence the sales process, capturing greater market share in the process.

Comprehensive Financial Expertise

The solution delivers a full financial management system that builds efficiency and productivity through such features as support for multiple currencies, budgeting, and bank reconciliation.

Operational Support

A complete inventory management system – including kitting, warehouse management, and multilevel price lists – supports new workflow efficiencies throughout an organization.

Management Controls

The solution provides the tools companies need to streamline operational and managerial processes, including online alerts, sales discount management, exception management, and workflow approvals. By simply dragging one piece of information on the screen and associating it with another using the patented Drag&Relate feature, managers can experience instant analysis and create an unlimited number of reports. These reports can help managers to better focus on relationships and transactions that are critical to the business.

Intuitive User Interface

Designed for even nontechnical executives, the solution provides every user with the tools needed to access information at both the big picture and detailed levels. As a result, SAP Business One supports an unprecedented level of executive involvement that improves the quality and accuracy of every business decision.

Scalability for Dynamic Businesses

SAP Business One can be integrated with all the solutions of mySAP™ Business Suite, allowing companies to extend the system as their organization changes and grows

Implementation of SAP Business One

Besides delivery of licences of SAP Business One solution ProXIV company can offer implementation and service of this solution. See for more details website part Services.