Software solution allows classification of products according ETIM standard, catalogue creation and catalogue generation in BMEcat format.

ETIM classification is based on assignment of group and class for products and attribute settings which are defined for assigned class.

CaDeT ETIM Edition

Solution contains material master data management part and import of these data. ETIM classification of product groups can be used for more efficient product classification.

Solution supports ETIM classification ETIM 5.0, ETIM 6.0, ETIM 7.0, ETIM 8.0 and new releases will be supported.

E-catalogue creation

There are two ways how to create e-catalogue. First option is to use product groups. Using of product groups is suitable for e-catalogues with higher number of products with similar features.

Creation of e-catalogue based on product groups contains following steps:

  • product group creation
  • material master data creation with assignment to product group
  • classification creation based on product group
  • e-catalogue generation

Creation of e-catalogue without product groups is mostly manual work, all feature values must be set manualy. It is suitable for lower number of products. It contains following steps:

  • material master data creation
  • classification creation
  • e-catalogue generation

BMEcat catalogue received from partner can be imported to the solution and data used for next processing as creation of material master data or completing output catalogue.

Etim classification – CaDeT ETIM Edition example
Etim classification – BMEcat example

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CaDeT ETIM Edition versions

Standard version allows complete functionality of ETIM classification, catalogue creation and BMEcat catalogue generation.

Professional version is enlarged in comparison to Standard version by more efficient process for data creation and maintenance. Other types of catalogues can be created and catalogues can be printed and exported.

Professional Plus versions can be interfaced with customer information systems.

Differences between solution versions are shown in the following table.

Version Standard Profesional Profesional Plus
Material master data
Product groups
Product classification
Import of product data from xls
Multilanguage support
Attribute mappings
ProXIV Middleware Interface

Solution environment

The solution can run on customer hardware or hosting of the solution can be provided by our company.