CaDeT contains sophisticated functionality of technical preparation of production, which provides effective preparation of data as bill of materials and routings. CaDeT solution covers all production processes – preparation of production, acceptation of orders, planning of production and purchase, evaluation of production and testing of products, managing of material stock. CaDeT is divided into modules, which are described bellow.

Production preparation

Production preparation module consists of these areas:
  • List of products which allows overview of all produced products.
  • Bill of material contains information about needed materials for production. For each item of the bill of material – raw material or semi finished product is assigned and important data for production is determined. System allows using more levels of the bill of materials. It is possible to have more variants of the bill of materials for each material.
  • Routings are used for registering information about production procedure. There is information about production work places, where the production operation is going to be done, what preparation time and production time is planned to produce the product.
  • Work place is a basic unit, which is assigned for the individual operations of the production sequence. For this unit potential capacity is determined. It is possible to evaluate work place performance during planning and to compare data with potential capacity.
  • List of suppliers is used for suppliers and producers registration of the raw materials. These suppliers and producers are approved for material deliveries.
  • Raw materials specifications are for maintaining information about required properties of the raw material, storage, packaging, testing. For each raw material it is possible to have information about the supplier or producer for this material, which was approved form technical point of view.

Management of the production

Management of the production is very close to the module of the technical preparation and consists of these parts:

  • Requirement for production is one of the basic parts of interface to sales and financial software. These requirements are provided from sales and financial software.
  • Production orders make the basic object for planning, monitoring and production order confirmation. Valid bill of material and valid routings are assumed during the setting up of each production order.
  • Production order confirmation is done for a given production order after finishing each production operation. Movement of materials and consumption of work place capacity are registered during this reporting
  • Functionality of material movements are used for movement of material between warehouse and orders, for changing and detection of the stock.
  • Functionality of production planning is aimed at the part for planning of raw material and capacity of the work places. Planning table represents summary of production orders in a given period coherently, it provides control of disponibility of materials, verifies of work place capacity and rearranges or reschedules operation to the different work place or date. Planning generates requirements for production of semi finished products and for purchase of raw material.

Material testing

CaDeT is designed for testing of raw materials, semi finished products and final goods.

Testing routing can be set for all material. For each tested property a limit of values is set.

Based on created testing routing we can generate testing protocol and measured values are entered into this protocol. After filling measured values there is a comparison of measured and required values and the whole protocol is evaluated.

Cost calculation

Cost calculation is built on the basis of bill of materials and routings which are created in Production preparation module. Together with pricelist of materials and pricelist of work place activities the cost calculation is done.

Document management system

CaDeT solution includes module for managing of documents. Each document can be assigned for example with work place, material and so on.

Extension of solution for cable and plastic industry

CaDeT solution has extension of functionality for cable and plastic material industry in these areas:

  • Drum handling at material movements and production confirmation
  • Ability to set scrap for first, each and last drum of production order
  • Calculation of max. production length with taking into consideration limit of each production steps
  • Calculation of suitable drum for certain cable product
  • Settings of standard cable length and standard drums for cable products
  • Construction and sales weight of non ferrous metals
  • Special type of bill of materials for creation plastic and rubber compound receipt

Interface to other information systems

Interface is designed in theses areas:

  • Material master data, bill of material and routing
  • Requirements for production
  • Transfer of finished goods from CaDeT to other system

Interface is ready for solution SAP Business Suite and is prepared for solution SAP Business One and it is already developed and used for other information systems.

CaDeT solution implementation

ProXIV company provides delivery of licence for CaDeT solution and implementation of this solution as well. More information in sectin Services.